Hotel Replaces Bible With ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

144199565 e1343160949937 Hotel Replaces Bible With Fifty Shades Of Grey

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

With all the mysteries of life, the top drawer of your hotel night stand is normally a sure bet.  Most of the time you will find a Bible waiting for you to peruse a few passages, if you are so inclined.  Well not if you head to the Damson Dene Hotel in England.

The picturesque hotel in the Lake District of England has replaced the Bible in it’s 40 guests rooms with copies of the best seller ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

Jonathan Denby bought the Damson Dene a decade ago from a Methodist group and has been pondering what to do with the Bibles left by the former proprietors.

“Because everybody is reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ we thought it would be a hospitable thing to do,”  Denby told NBC News.  “To have this available for our guests, especially if some of them were a little bit shy about buying it because of its reputation.”

The idea is just to have a little fun and has no underlying ideals other than just to possibly get a chuckle out of guests, Denby added.

There has been positive and negative feedback on the switch along with a lot of media attention.

Denby says most of the guests “have loved” finding the book in their rooms.  And for the people who would still like a copy of the bible, they can retrieve one from the front desk.





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