Improper Work Hygiene

dv1244015 e1343337128647 Improper Work Hygiene

Cohen/Ostrow/Getty Images

Some people love their jobs so much they treat it like their home.  They get comfy, they get cozy and they do things they just shouldn’t do.   There is a time and place for everything.  Here are five things you should never do while at work.  And if you catch a co-working doing it, you should tell them to knock it off!

Clipping Your Nails

Whether it is your fingers or toes it doesn’t matter, either is gross enough to be doing at work.   But if someone is clipping their toe nails at work that might be worth a call to HR.

Flossing Your Teeth

We don’t know anyone who likes to floss at home, so why do it at work.  Maybe it’s somewhat acceptable in the bathroom, if you have a big meeting after lunch, but don’t ever do this at your desk, that is just, eww.

Cleaning Your Ears

Don’t even bring q-tips to work if your purpose is going to be to clean out the wax in your ears.  Even if you have trouble listening and were told to do it, we’re sure your boss would like you to wait until you get home.

Bare Feet

Don’t take your shoes off.  It’s that easy.  We know it’s hot, but there is no reason you need to let your tootsies out to air out and cool off.  Wear flip-flops…it’s not very professional, but it’s better than slipping off your sweaty shoes.

Blowing Your Nose

It has to be done, especially in those spring months when allergies are really kicking in.  But when you have to do it, retire to the bathroom or a closed office.  Don’t do it out in the middle of the office.  And don’t forget to wash your hands.


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