Watch: UFO Flies Over Olympic Opening Ceremony

149383460 Watch: UFO Flies Over Olympic Opening Ceremony

(Photo credit MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/GettyImages)

The whole world had it’s eyes on London Friday night as the 30th Olympiad opened the games in London. It would appear now that the whole Universe had it’s eyes on the event in Great Britain.

Video shows a metallic object floating slowly above the Olympic stadium during a pyrotechnics display in the middle of the opening ceremonies. An enhanced video of the object released by the Alien Discovery Group UK shows the object with a saucer like shape.

Technically the videos do not show clear evidence that the object is either a blimp or helicopter so it can be determined as a Unidentified Flying Object. The UFO stands to make some people in London money as a few of the betting houses around town were taking bets on if a UFO would show up during the Opening Ceremony.

Take a look and tell us what you think.

Another Video of the UFO


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