U.S. Gold Medal Olympians Celebrate With Big Macs

149588811 U.S. Gold Medal Olympians Celebrate With Big Macs


U.S. swimmers Ricky Berens and Conor Dwyer, members of the team that won the gold in the men’s 4×200 relay, celebrated by going to McDonald’s.

“It was pretty bad,” Dwyer said, according to the Associated Press. “A couple quarter pounders, McFlurries, fries.”

Berens sent out this tweet:

Attached to the tweet was a picture of their feast. You can see that HERE.

“We eat so healthy all the time, so I felt pretty gross after that,” Berens said after the meal.

“I still feel bad this morning,” added Dwyer.

The McDonald’s in question, located at the London Olympic Village, gives free food to athletes, is supposedly the biggest McDonald’s in the world – a double-decker eatery that was expected to serve 50,000 Big Macs in just four weeks.

One bookmaker is offering odds on which British athletes will be photographed eating at the McDonald’s.


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