Tell Your Boss What’s On Your Mind Anonymously

dv1990062 Tell Your Boss Whats On Your Mind Anonymously

Photo by John Cumming/Getty Images

Have you ever wanted to give your boss a piece of your mind but held back fearing the consequences? There’s a new website that allows employees to anonymously email their bosses.

Four guys in Vancouver have launched a website called Tell Your Boss Anything. Employees can pour out their frustrations to their boss without the boss ever knowing who it is. The website is meant to help grow boss-employee relationships for a more healthy work environment. Bosses can respond to the anonymous employee through the website, so hopefully both parties can work towards a solution to whatever is bugging the employee.

The service is free for employee to send messages to their bosses, but bosses have to fork over $20 to see multiple messages.

Use with caution, however, the website will limit you if your language gets too strong or abusive. You might also want to refrain from those telling details that will give you away.

So if you want your boss to know that someone is aware of his sandwich thievery from the office fridge, you’ll want to visit Tell Your Boss


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