Flirting For A Discount Actually Works

dv1935017 e1344518559383 Flirting For A Discount Actually Works

Photo by Digital Vision./Getty Images

A wink. A smile. Batting the eyelashes. Turns out that God-given feminine charm is useful for more than finding a fella; it can save a girl some money.

What woman hasn’t flirted to get a free drink, a free meal, better seats at a show, or a discount on a car? In the first academic study of its kind, scientists discovered that women who flirt while purchasing a car can snag a big discount of around 20% off the original price.

The catch is that there is a specific mixture. It’s not just being friendly, but rather a balanced mix of flirtation and friendliness. Straightforward friendliness just won’t cut it, in fact, it will cause you to lose out more.┬áResearchers from the University of California, Berkley, and the London School of Economics found that women who used their feminine charm and threw in just the right amount of warmth, friendliness, playfulness, flattery, and sex appeal were the most successful at knocking the price of a car down by a fifth of the asking price.

Put those feminine wiles to use, ladies, and see how much money you can save with a little skill.


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