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'The Bourne Legacy'

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The Bourne Legacy

“The Bourne Legacy” stars Jeremy Renner as a biologically enhanced special agent who is running from the very people who created him. It takes place at roughly the same time as “The Bourne Ultimatum,” and great pains are taken to link the 2 movies. Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross is a Jason Bourne-type super agent. He is about to be eliminated in a cover-up but escapes with the help of a doctor played by Rachel Weisz.

You will want to watch the last Bourne movie before seeing this one because it plays a HUGE part in the film. In fact, you’ll recognize characters and actual scenes from that last Bourne, but it really only serves to muddle the current movie. Aaron Cross has an interesting back story and the budding relationship between he and the doctor is beyond intriguing but those get short-changed to bring the storylines together.

Instead of MORE Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz, we get more shots of bad-guys in a situation room worrying about Jason Bourne. He’s brought up so often that I wondered when Matt Damon was going to show up. Fans of the original Bourne series will notice a lack of action sequences and the introduction of a new SUPER-super agent felt like overkill to me.

Despite all of this I have to give “The Bourne Legacy” a C+, primarily because of Jeremy Renner. He plays a great combination of contradictions: Smart but tough, hang dog but handsome. How you feel about this movie will probably depend on how you feel about him, and obviously I’m a HUGE fan. If you’re not on the same page, this will feel more like “The Bourne Redundancy” to you.


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