The Not-So-Secret Menu Of In-N-Out Burger

200480468 001 e1344602120694 The Not So Secret Menu Of In N Out Burger

Photo by Thomas Northcut/Getty Images

For those who made the trek to California before In-N-Out Burger came to North Texas, they brought back great wisdom and knowledge of menu items beyond the very sparse looking selection displayed at In-N-Out Burger.

If you’ve never been to In-N-Out burger and you happen to be behind a pro ordering a “double-double animal style with chopped chills, split in half,” you may be looking bewildered at the menu for those missing choices. Have no fear, here is your guide to the secret menu of In-N-Out Burger.

Animal Style: Adds pickles, extra spread, grilled onions to the standard toppings and the meat comes “mustard fried.”

Protein Style: Watching your carbs? This replaces the bun with two lettuce leaves. It can be added to other special orders like “animal style.”

3×3 or 4×4: This is your Meat x Cheese formula. A 3×3 has three patties and three slices of cheese. The menu item Double-Double follows this formula as a 2×2. If you like more meat than cheese, you can order your burger 3×1 for more meat than cheese. The 4×4 is as big as you can go, but there are fabled stories of In-N-Burgers past of 20×20 and even 100×100.

Double-Meat: This is a Double-Double with no cheese.

The Flying Dutchman: Two meat patties, two slices of cheese, no buns. Condiments aren’t included unless you request them. If you want to live dangerously, you can bypass the burger size restrictions by ordering a 4×4 and two Flying Dutchmans to give you an 8×8.

Grilled Cheese: Just as it sounds. A sandwich with two slices of cheese, no meat. You can get the grilled cheese with spread, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions by request if you want them.

Veggie Burger: A sandwich with no meat, no cheese, just the veggies (lettuce, tomatoes, onions). (Yes, we know tomatoes are fruit).

Mustard Fried: They spread the patty with mustard and then fry it. Also adds a few more pickles.

Chopped Chilis: Adds chopped up yellow chilies to the bottom of the burger. Turns up the heat just a notch.

No-Salt: Just as it says. No salt added to the patties.

Extra/Lightly Toasted or Untoasted Bun: The buns already come a little toasted, but you can specify your desired level of toastiness.

Extra Everything: Extra tomatoes, lettuce, onion, spread, pickles, and chills. You can ask for any of these free of charge.

Medium Rare or Well Done: You can specify how you want your burger cooked, just like at the steakhouse. Medium rare will show pink in the middle if you like your burgers to “mooooo” a little.

Split In Half: They will cut any sandwich in half upon request. This is great for kids since there isn’t a kid-sized option.

Secret menu ordering doesn’t just apply to the burgers. Check out the fries!

Fries Well-Done: If you like your fries crispy and crunchy.

Fries Light Well: The fries come a little more cooked than regular, but not a crispy as well-done.

Fries Lite: If you like your fries a little less cooked than normal.

Fries Animal Style: Here’s where it gets fun. Your fries will come with two slices of cheese, grilled onions, and spread as toppings. Don’t forget to grab a fork!

Cheese Fries: Fries covered with one or two slices of cheese.

Fries No-Salt: Just like it says, no salt added.

You can even customize your drinks from the secret menu.

Neapolitan Shake: Can’t decide which flavor of shake you want. Have all three!

Root Beer Float: Half vanilla shake, half root beer soda. You can specify how creamy you want it.

Black And White: Vanilla and Chocolate shake.

Really, you can customize your shakes with any combination of flavors. Chocolate-strawberry sounds yummy.

Large/Extra Large Shakes: You can super-size that shake concoction you just created.

Arnold Palmer: Half iced tea and half lemonade.

Now, go forth and order with the confidence and knowledge of an In-N-Out pro!


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