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Premium Rush
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Premium Rush 

“Premium Rush” stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a Manhattan bike messenger who picks up a suspicious package and is chased by a dirty cop for it.

If you don’t like bikes or watching people who are riding bikes, don’t even bother with this movie. There are only about 10 minutes of “Premium Rush” that do NOT involve some form of high-speed bike race through the city. Director David Koepp uses creative computer graphics to make these trips especially fun to watch, but I wonder how many stunt people were injured while filming. They are constantly crashing into things!  If you stay through the credits, you’ll see the results of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s REAL crash into a taxi. He had to get 31 stitches for that!

One of my favorite actors, Michael Shannon plays the dirty cop who is chasing Gordon-Levitt and trying to steal the package he carries. Shannon is great at playing the hair-trigger bad guy but his portrayal becomes almost cartoonish here. In fact, most of “Premium Rush” feels like a cartoon. It’s filled with one-dimensional characters racing through the city over a cheesy rock-n-roll soundtrack and that’s why I’m giving it a C. I think I’d like “Premium Rush” more if it was a weekly TV series starring good-looking bike messengers who ride around Manhattan & solve crimes. I bet they could even work in a talking dog.


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