5 Most Annoying Things People Do On Facebook

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We all have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. We love to stalk our friends and follow their lives, but we also get really annoyed at some of the things we encounter on Facebook. A recent survey published in Australia’s Daily Telegraph found the top 5 most annoying things people do on Facebook.

#5. Posting Instagram photos of your food. 29% of people surveyed said stop posting food in their feed. In the age of dieting, no one wants to see that awesome plate of whatever-you’re-having on their feed. It could be the temptation, it could be that they’re not hungry right now, or it could be that they are morally opposed to your particular brand of dietary choices. Vegans don’t want to see your hamburger, and likewise, meat eaters don’t want to see your tofu scramble.

#4. Gushing about your wonderful new boyfriend or girlfriend. Another 29% of people would rather you take your lovey-dovey statuses elsewhere. While there is no Facebook equivalent of “Get a room!”, there are folks who’d rather not share in your new romance. Call us bitter and cynical, or maybe it’s the whole boy/girl-of-the-month thing that is wearing a little thin.

#3. Checking in everywhere you go. Gym. Work. School. Starbucks. Mom’s house. New fancy restaurant. 38% of people would rather not follow your digital bread crumbs, Hansel and Gretel. While you’re on a Foursquare quest for badges, you’ve been giving potential crazies the 411 on your location and when you’re not at home. That’s not dangerous at all!

#2. Oversharing like your status is a diary. Dear Facebook, today was awesome and I filled my friends’ feed with a 7-line status update detailing my recent bout of the flu in graphic detail. 42% hate when people share way too much personal information on Facebook. While Facebook has trumped Twitter with a near-limitless status length, that doesn’t mean you should abuse it by posting a novella. In a soundbite society like ours, most people skip over lengthy paragraphs in the feed anyways.

#1. Too many status updates. The Facebook Fast and Furious are those who manage to post a record amount of updates in a short amount of time. Walk away from your feed for just a minute and return to find one person has filled your feed with a crazy amount everything-under-the-sun. 59% of people find this the most annoying thing people do on Facebook.


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