Houston Car Wreck Survivor Urges Drivers To Stop Texting

94474410 e1345738628244 Houston Car Wreck Survivor Urges Drivers To Stop Texting

Photo by Image Source/Getty Images

“I need to quit texting, because I could die in a car accident.”

That was the last text 22-year old Chance Bothe sent to a friend on January 24th of this year before his truck went off a bridge and fell 35 feet in to a ravine. Chance survived the nearly-fatal crash, but not without difficulty. His brush with death has given the Houston college student a new mission: to share the dangers of texting and driving.

A broken neck, a broken sternum, broken ribs, ankles, 75% of his skull was fractured, and his cheeks, sinuses, and eye sockets were crushed. Couple that with severe traumatic brain injuries and a collapsed lung. Chance barely survived the wreck and, according to the Huffington Post, nearly died three times in the hospital having to be revived by doctors. All this from one text message sent while behind the wheel.

Chance’s cautionary tale of survival is a story that needs to be shared for people to recognize the dangers of texting and driving. At 60 mph, your car can travel 500 yards, and a lot can happen in those 500 yard if you’re not paying attention.┬áCities, too, are beginning to recognize the danger and legislate cellphone usage behind the wheel. Most school zones are now no cell phone zones, and the city of Arlington has outlawed texting and driving.

It’s as simple as turning your phone off when you get in the car. A simple choice with a simple solution that could potentially save your life and lives of others on the road.┬áTake a stand on texting and driving by making a pledge on ItCanWait.org.


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