Website Allows Couples To Raise Money For Their Honeymoons

200341102 001 e1346160837849 Website Allows Couples To Raise Money For Their Honeymoons

Photo by Mel Curtis/Getty Images

As couples wait longer to get married or build a home together before marching down the aisle, going for the whole gift registry would only mean double the toasters, double the blenders, and double the returning duplicated gifts to stores. Instead, some couples are now using a new website to fund their honeymoon trips instead of receiving gifts.

The website is called Couples can register their honeymoon just like any other registry, adding wish lists with airfare, hotel, dining, and even non-vacation related items (The website example has “Down Payment On A House” for one.) Friends, family, and guests make donations towards paying for the items on the wish list by paying the couples directly with cash or check, or online through PayPal.

While elder generations might take issue with couples asking for cash instead of gifts, couples who have already established homes and are trying to save money on their wedding are finding HoneyFund a great way to make sure they have their dream honeymoon come true without the worry of financial limitations.


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