Abandoned Storage Unit Full Of Human Organs And Brains

89972812 Abandoned Storage Unit Full Of Human Organs And Brains

Mike Kemp/Getty Images

The Daily Newsis reporting that a storage unit in Florida went up for auction, and the buyer was horrified to find that it was full of the brains and other organs of over 100 people.

The unit belonged to former medical examiner, Dr. Michael Berkland, who decided to stop paying his bill.

State attorney Bill Eddins said it contained “a large collection of brains and human limbs,” as well as tissue samples and parts of hearts and lungs.

The organs were stored in Tupperware like containers and even a Styrofom cup.

Most of the organs were apparently from private autopsies conducted by Berkland, Eddins said.

Berkland has not yet been charged with anything, but he is under investigation.

“We’re in the process of reviewing the facts and researching the law to determine whether a crime has been committed,” Eddins said. “We do intend to talk to Dr. Berkland and learn his reasons for keeping body parts there.”

Berkland was fired from his job as a medical examiner in 2003 for not completing autopsy reports on time.


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