Michael Clarke Duncan, A Gentleman And Gentle Giant

79485649 Michael Clarke Duncan, A Gentleman And Gentle Giant

Riccardo Savi/Getty Images

There is never a good time to hear of the passing of anyone. Whether it’s family, a friend or one of your favorite Hollywood stars. When it’s sudden the impact of the news hits hard. Hearing the news of Michael Clarke Duncan passing was just that. A shock.

Duncan had suffered a myocardial infarction (cardiac arrest) back in July when his soon to be wife, Omarosa Manigault found him in arrest and performed what medical professionals called life saving CPR. He never fully recovered from that event and when Omarosa left his bed side briefly yesterday, she returned to find out he had died.

I had the chance to meet Michael, who is known for many of his performances in blockbuster movies, but best for his role in The Green Mile as John Coffey and he was as you have hoped for. He was larger than life with his gentleness and his personality. Standing six-foot five-inches tall and weighing 300 pounds of solid muscle he was intimidating, until you met him.

I played in Mike Modano’s Heroes Celebrity Baseball game in July of 2012 and Michael Clarke Duncan was there. I had the change to shake his enormous hands and say hi and chat for a bit. His booming voice was commanding yet calming at the same time and his smile was infectious. He was without a doubt one of the nicest celebs I have ever encountered. He didn’t talk about himself, yet wanted to know more about who you were and what you were about. He didn’t just hear you talking, he listened.

He and fiancee Omarosa were set to marry soon and my thoughts and prayers go out to their families, friends and of course the many millions who adored him on the big screen. He was a gentle giant and will be missed.


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