Pet Names That Woman Hate To Be Called

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Sugar. Sweetie. Honey. Darlin’. Every couple has cutesy names that they call each other, be it endearing or odious. A recent survey by the British website, Siteopia, revealed the top 10 pet names that women hated to be called.

It’s surprising that only one in five people actually call their significant other by their given name.

Calling your sweetheart “pudding,” “sexy pants,” “baby cakes,” or “ducky” won’t be earning you any points. They fall into the bottom of the top 10 most annoying pet names. “Muffin,” “baby doll,” and “baby girl” won’t help you either.

The 3 worst names on the list were “snookums,” “sweet cheeks,” and “babe.” Who really uses the pet name “snookums” outside of rich people in The Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard?

In a lovely turn, Siteopia also discovered the top most acceptable pet names so that you can find a new pet name for your favorite lady.


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