Extreme And Extremely Odd Competitions From Around The World

114198968 Extreme And Extremely Odd Competitions From Around The World


It’s seems like you can hold a competition for just about anything these days. From the extreme to the extremely weird, there are some strange and creative contests out there.

One hair-raising competition is the World Beard and Moustache Championships. This isn’t your average Tom Selleck, handlebar or fu manchu. Past entrants have sculpted their facial hair into replicas of the Golden Gate Bridge, Buckingham Palace, or extreme handlebar creations unlike the world has ever seen. This competition takes place every other year. In 2011, Elmar Weissar of Germany won Best In Show with his freestyle beard styled in a reindeer scene.

Every Columbus Day weekend in Newry, Maine the North American Wife Carrying Competition takes place. This competition can be traced back to Finland where thieves and desperate men would steal women and make them their wives. The sport got its official start in Sonkajärvi, Finland where competitive couples from around the globe still gather to make the 253.3 meter run for the grand prize of your wife’s weight in beer. Closer to home, wife carrying competitions can also be found in Monona and Minocqua, Wisconsin as well as Marquette, Michigan.

Extreme Ironing takes household chores to a completely new level of insanity. Because standing around your house pressing a shirt is just plain old boring, some creative folks decided to take this chore and turn it on its ear. Extreme Ironers have starched shirts while on motorbikes, while navigating white water rapids, or while break dancing. In March 2008, 72 divers ironed their shirts underwater.

There are so many strange competitions around the world. No doubt that there is a competition for every odd hobby and activity.


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