Cowboys Crash Course – Week 4

Bears 34 - Cowboys 18
153219661 Cowboys Crash Course   Week 4

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular franchises in all of sports.  So it is safe to say after their games, office talk around the Dallas/Fort Worth area leans towards their last game.   But sometimes you get busy, don’t really care, or just didn’t pay that much attention while the game was on.   We’re here to help.   We’ve got the ‘Cowboys Crash Course’ here to help you stay in the conversation when it turns to last nights game.   Below you’ll find some statements that can be interjected into the conversation to show you care about the Cowboys as much as everyone else in Dallas, even if you don’t.

A brief recap of the game first.  The Cowboys lost last night on Monday Night Football to the Bears 34-18.  It puts the Cowboys record at 2-2 on the season heading into the off week.
Here are some points you can use during the conversation for week 4:

  • Well at least they can’t lose next week.
  • When will Dez Bryant turn the corner and be truly dominant?
  • Five interceptions, you’re never going to win, but Romo can’t be blamed for all of those.
  • The biggest issue for the Cowboys right now is the running game.  They’ll never win unless they turn that around.
  • But hey, the Refs were better than last week’s crew, right?
  • It was good to see Witten finally snap out of his funk.
  • It just seems like there isn’t a home field advantage at Cowboys Stadium.
  • Cowboys played last night?  Ohh I was watching the Rangers game.  They lost too, but hey, they’re in the playoffs.




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