The Six People You See At Every Halloween Party

131034176 The Six People You See At Every Halloween Party

(Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

This weekend will be busy with Halloween parties and costumed revelry. Ask anyone what they are doing this weekend and you can guarantee one answer will be attending a party… or two… or three. You’ll probably meet new people at these parties, but you can be assured to see the same types of people at every party. Here are the 6 most likely folks you will come across:

1.) The person who claims they are wearing a costume, but they don’t look like it. This is the plain clothes person in a room full of costumes. You can ask them why they aren’t dressed up, but they will claim that they are indeed dressed in costume. It’s just a costume that doesn’t require… a costume.

2.) The person in the costume they can’t move it. You’ve definitely seen this person before. They could be in a hugely elaborate, emphasis on the huge, costume as a Transformer, or they could be the girl in a mermaid tail or too-tight-to-sit-down dress. They’ll be easily spotted in a corner where they get in the way or fall over.

3.) The Halloween Hater. If they even came in costume, it’ll be cheap or the same thing they’ve worn the past four years in a row. They’ll be miserable in the same corner with the giant costume guy.

4.) The Guy in Drag. To some guys, it is hilarious to use Halloween as an excuse to dress up as a lady. Their wives may not be laughing, but these guys think it’s the funniest costume ever.

5.) The Handmade Halloween Costume. This Etsy or Pintrest fanatic will be telling everyone just how much time, effort, and money was put into every stitch of their 100% homemade costume.

6.) The Method Actor. You’ll find this Daniel Day Lewis wannabe dressed in costume but totally in character the entire party. If it’s Marilyn Monroe, she’ll be acting like Marilyn all night. If it’s Shakespeare, thy costumed gent shall-eth be spouting-eth lines from-eth the Bard’s own hand.


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