Tips For Dressing Up Your Pets For Halloween

154479901 Tips For Dressing Up Your Pets For Halloween

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

The fabulous Steve Kemble, America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru, loves to dress up his two dogs, Jack and Ruby. If you want to get your four-legged family members all dressed up in the Halloween spirit, here’s a few tips for making pet costumes an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

1.) Avoid costumes with accessories your pets can eat. Costumes with a lot of buttons, buttons, or bits that easily be pulled off or get snagged could be dangerous for your pet. Especially if your pet is going to get antsy and start attacking the costume they’re wearing.

New York’s annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Parade features the best of the best pet costumes. Take a look at this year’s best costumed pets!

2.) Make sure it’s a comfortable costume. Just like you wouldn’t want to wear a scratchy tutu, your pet is even less inclined to suffer an uncomfortable costume.

3.) Make sure the costume doesn’t impede your pet’s ability to walk and/or see. This falls back into comfort. If you pet can’t walk or see, there’s a greater chance they will try to forcibly remove the offending costume. Also, you yourself wouldn’t wear a costume that kept you from walking or seeing, you don’t want to subject your pet to the same fate.

4.) Go slow and be liberal with the treats. Most pets are used to running around in the covering God gave them, so they might be resistant to the hotdog costume you’re trying to put on them. Give them treats after getting a paw in a sleeve or the zipper up a little. Treats will make costuming a happy experience for your pets.

5.) Never leave your dog unattended. Always keep an eye on a costumed pet. Whether they try to attack their costume, the costume of another pet, or they need help when nature calls, you’ll want to be around to make sure they don’t get hurt or caught on something.

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6.) Shoot pictures quickly! Costumed pets don’t just pose for those great pics. Use treats and have a friend take the picture quickly before your pet decides to escape or undress.

7.) Never drink and dress your pets. Many things are regrettable after a couple of glasses of wine, and you don’t want to shame you pet with an embarrassing costume.


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