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“Skyfall” stars Daniel Craig as British Secret Agent James Bond, whose must find out who is behind lethal attacks on the MI6.

I have to admit to a bit of blasphemy here: I am not a fan of the James Bond series. I don’t care for explosions, women whose names & bodies don’t exist in nature, and sorry but I really hate car chases. I have changed my tune a bit since Daniel Craig took over the role, even though I think he’s probably the goofiest looking Bond in history. Seriously, those ears? But Craig has an intelligence and athleticism that makes me totally buy him as a super-agent. He’s also funny when he wants to be, and he looks fantastic with his shirt off. Oh, don’t get me wrong.

I LOVE Daniel Craig and think he’s a fantastic 007, even with the ears. He’s especially good in “Skyfall,” because Bond is required to show real emotional depth. He almost dies, is resurrected, and then has to take an unexpected trip into his past.

Yes, we actually get to learn about James Bond the BOY in “Skyfall.” We also meet what is now my favorite Bond villain ever, Silva played by the phenomenal Javier Bardem. He is so creepy and funny and he offers up something we’ve never seen in these movies before: A bad-guy who just might want to make-out with James Bond. It’s probably my favorite 5 minutes of the entire movie!

Now, I still feel that it’s a half hour too long and it would be great if I never saw another fist-fight on top of a moving train again, but I’m still giving “Skyfall” a B+. It’s probably my favorite James Bond movie to date, and that’s saying a lot for a Bond hater.


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