Lite’s Movie Review Room – Double Feature

Lincoln & Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Lincolnlincoln poster Lites Movie Review Room   Double Feature
We have 2 movies opening this weekend from opposite ends of the spectrum. First, there’s “Lincoln,” starring Daniel Day Lewis.

“Lincoln” is an example of what happens when brilliant acting meets solid writing and directing. The holy trinity of Director Steven Spielberg, Screenwriter Tony Kushner and Actor Daniel Day Lewis makes this movie damn near PERFECT. They take the task of conveying Abraham Lincoln so seriously, and the result is a loving portrait. Don’t expect an action or war movie.

Most of the story is told through debates in dusty offices which could’ve been boring, but Kushner injects enough spark to keep us not just interested but enthralled. The supporting cast is great, too. There’s already Oscar talk for Daniel Day Lewis but I won’t be surprised if Sally Fields gets another shot at her “You really like me” speech. Speaking of Daniel Day Lewis, his might not be the Lincoln we envisioned, but through him the legend becomes more of a man and he’s the main reason I’m giving “Lincoln” an A+.

Breaking Dawn Part 2
the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 tsbd2 014378r rgb Lites Movie Review Room   Double Feature
Also out this weekend is the final movie in the Twilight series, “Breaking Dawn Part 2.”

I loved the books and hated the movies this far but I’m completely changing my tune now and giving “Breaking Dawn Part 2” an A-.
I LOVED IT! Again, I’m speaking as a fan of the books. Everyone else will think it’s GARBAGE but I, for one, felt like I was FINALLY getting the Twilight movie I’ve been waiting for. And you’ve probably heard by now that there’s a twist. DO NOT TRY TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS! It’s the best part of the whole movie so let it be a surprise. Also, once you find out KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Don’t want to ruin it for everyone else!


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