Leigh Ann’s 5 Tips For A Shopaholic During The Holidays

53297750 Leigh Anns 5 Tips For A Shopaholic During The Holidays

(Photo Illustration by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

The time every shopaholic lives for is fast approaching.  Busy malls, special deals, and of course new must have items.  While most places are releasing their “What to get _____” lists (stay tuned for ours) there is one group of people who no list can be made, the Shopaholic.  Mostly because they’ve already bought everything they want for themselves while shopping for everyone else.  So we turned to our resident shopaholic for some tips to help all those blessed with this label.

Tips for the shopaholic.  Not that I am one or anything.  Okay I am but don’t tell anyone.  Going to the mall can be a battle, especially during the Holidays.  But oh how I love it!  Here are a few ideas on how to make the shopaholic experience even better.

  1. Comfy shoes.  Oh who am I kidding? There is no such thing as cute comfy shoes.  I’m sorry but there isn’t.  I tried to do Toms but they looked so stupid on me that I couldn’t leave the house in them.  You’ll just have tough it out like I do.  Sure I’ve lost a toenail a time or two from wearing uncomfortable shoes.  But all the compliments on my cute shoes made it all worth it.  Besides, toenails grow back.
  2. You’ll want to bring the biggest handbag you own.  I recommend the Artsy MM Mono from Louis Vuitton.  It has the most storage pockets of any LV to date.  It’s really roomy so you can carry all the things you’ll need for a serious day of shopping.  Now I don’t actually own this bag but oh how I want to.  It’s to die for.  I’d sell a kidney for it.  No, I’m not joking.  Well maybe a little bit.  I mean it costs $1670 which is really expensive but I think my kidney is worth more.
  3. You’re also going to need to good smelling hand sanitizer.  Not so much for germs but to clean all the makeup off your hands and arms.  Sure you’re there to do Christmas shopping but no one said you couldn’t “play” in the makeup.  Serious shopaholics know exactly what I’m talking about.  You walk past the makeup counter in the department store and it’s like a magnet.  You spot a beautiful new shade and one thing leads to another and before you know it you have lipstick and eye shadow all over your hands , wrists, and lower arms.  BTW-have you seen the Chanel Holiday collection?  My favorite is the Luminous matte lip color in L’impatiente.  I have some on my arm as we speak.
  4. You will also need some breath mints to snack on while you shop . No need to take time away from shopping when you can ward off the hunger pains with an Altoid.  Of course you’ll need to stop for a diet coke or a latte, that goes without saying.  And maybe a cookie from Great American cookie company and/or a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s.  But that’s it. You absolutely have to skip See’s Candy.  Well, maybe just one, I mean they do offer free samples and besides you’ll work it off with all that walking at the mall.  Not to mention it really is a work out trying on clothes.  I’m surprised I don’t have arms like Madonna after all that pulling I do trying to get a size 8 into a size 6.  I’m worn out just thinking about it.
  5. You must bring a car with a large trunk.  You never know how long you’ll have to store your packages.  I mean after all, your husband thinks you went to the mall to Christmas shop.  It’s not your fault they had so many cute things for you.  Do bring your packages that you bought for others (if there are any)in the house,  but do not bring the 3, I mean 5, okay 10 packages for yourself in until he is either asleep or at work.  It just makes everyones lives easier.  Who has time to explain anyway…you have Christmas shopping to do.  See you at the mall

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