Put A Raspberry On It

7387249224 Put A Raspberry On It

(Photo by Gabrielle Grenz/AFP/Getty Images)

When someone says Photoshop and magazine covers, our minds automatically think of supermodels airbrushed to perfection that is too good to be true. In fact, photoshopped models stir up a great wind of controversy in regards to what young girls are learning about body image. However, would a photoshopped raspberry added to a chocolate cake cause the same stir?

D Magazine editor Tim Rogers recently wrote a blog post about a photoshopped raspberry recently added to a cover photo of a chocolate cake. The thought behind the addition was that raspberries in food pictures sell more magazines.┬áThe chocolate cake on the cover from Sissy’s Southern Kitchen doesn’t come with a raspberry, but at the behest of D Magazine founder Wick Allison, it was added to the photograph of the cake.

You can see the cake and the added the raspberry on this month’s cover of D Magazine, on newsstands now or by visiting Dmagazine.com.


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