Ethan Fox’s Story Of Hope

Photo Credit: Lori Wilson

Photo Credit: Lori Wilson

A game for Ethan Fox changed his life. Children’s Medical Center and some quick thinking teachers saved it. Hear Ethan’s story of hope:

On May 29, 2012, during an impromptu touch-football game at recess, Ethan slammed into another student.

Photo Credit: Lori Wilson

Photo Credit: Lori Wilson

According to Dr. Bradley Weprin from Children’s Medical Center and UT Southwestern, Ethan suffered a skull fracture that lacerated one of his arteries. He says that Ethan was hit on the side of his head by the other child’s knee, causing his brain and the area around it to fill with blood. “That bleeding acted as a mass, compressing the brain onto the brain stem,” said Dr. Weprin.

Dr. Weprin says, had it not been for the quick thinking of Ethan’s teacher and others at Merriman Park Elementary School in Dallas, things would’ve been much worse. “If he hadn’t been gotten to 10, 15, 20 minutes, he may not be here,” Dr. Weprin said.

“Everything has been amazing,” Fox said about the care that Ethan has received. “He comprehends, he’s written his name… maybe even better than he normally does. It’s been miraculous.”

Photo Credit: Lori Wilson

Photo Credit: Lori Wilson

Ethan’s hospital room filled with well-wishes from his fellow students, including a letter from the boy with whom he collided. “Dear Ethan, I’m so, so, so sorry for hurting you this bad,” the letter read. “I would never want to hurt you because you’re my best friend. I knew you would be ok because you’re in great hands.”

Just four days after the accident, Ethan was released from Children’s with a new haircut, and a scar to serve as proof that every second counts when it comes to saving a life.


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