What Would Santa’s Income Be?

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Santa is not just a one trick pony (or Reindeer).  Santa does the jobs of a dozen or so different people, maybe some for a little less time than the average employee with the same job.   So just what would dear old Saint Nick pull in for all the work he does?

MSN Money did some digging, with the help of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, to see what Santa Claus would be counting as his annual salary.

According to the numbers pulled by MSN Money, the most money (Hourly) that Santa would be making is $56.76 an hour as a pilot when he hops on his sled and takes off to land on the nearest rooftop.  The thing is that Santa is only a pilot for one day.  Even if you look at the full 24 hours of Christmas Eve as Santa working the whole time he’d be making $1362.24 for the day.

Where the big money comes in for the big guy is overseeing the elves.  A manufacturing executive would pull in about $39 an hour, and the rosy cheeked giver of presents runs that job 364 days a year, 8 hours a day.  That would pull in roughly $111,800 a year, by far the highest paying annual gig for Santa.

Add in the lower paying jobs like wrapper of gifts ($10.80 an hour), chimney sweet ($13.90), Cookie Taster ($20.25) and taking car of the reindeer ($11.60) along with everything else he does and the estimated total yearly income of Santa is $135,000 a year.  While that might not seem like much, you have to remember that cost of living in the North Pole is significantly lower than anywhere in the United States.  He also gets paid for eating cookies.





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