Instagram’s New Terms Of Service Causes Uproar

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

In this instant digital age, we love to share our lives through social media, and there’s nothing faster than sharing a photo over our social media streams. The advent of vintage photography apps have turned everyone with a smartphone into amateur photographers. Instagram rose to popularity and caught the attention of Facebook, who bought and absorbed its service.

This week, Instagram unveiled its new Terms of Service that would take effect in mid-January. The once-brief three-page Terms of Service grew to pages of vague legalese causing much confusion and mass-hysteria among users worried about copyrights, intellectual property, and commercial use of private images.

Yesterday, Instagram responded to the uproar yesterday by back-pedalling and promising to remove the offending language from the Terms of Service.

The reversal might be too little too late for some users. Over the past two weeks, Instagram has been making changes that have been none-too-popular with its users. Over the past couple of weeks, Instagram officially cut ties with Twitter, disabling Twitter’s ability to show Instagram photos on the social media feed.

Users are weighing their options of either staying with the photo-sharing service or moving to other services promising better treatment in light of the public revolt. The new Instagram Terms of Service takes effect on January 16, so users have until then to decide whether they stay or delete their accounts. For now, at least, the backlash just seems part-and-parcel to the traditional reactions every time Facebook makes a change.


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