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(Photo Credit: Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images)

Zero Dark Thirty

“Zero Dark Thirty” stars Jessica Chastain as the woman who hunted and eventually found Osama bin Laden. It’s from Director Kathryn Bigelow, who teamed with writer Mark Boal in 2008 for “The Hurt Locker” and scored big with 6 Oscars. They’ve paired up again to tell this story and it’s safe to assume the Academy will come calling again. What Bigelow and Boal do that makes THEIR stories work is they don’t embellish. There’s no love interest or slow motion Rambo scenes set to patriotic music.

You don’t need it when you have a story this riveting. Bigelow and Boal interviewed many of the people involved with bin Laden’s manhunt and even had to go back to the drawing board when he was killed in 2011. Their access to information has been the subject of much scrutiny. That, along with the graphic depictions of torture have kept “Zero Dark Thirty” in the headlines, but that’s not why you should pay attention it. You should see “Zero Dark Thirty” because every single one of us deserves the closure this movie offers. I had no idea how much I needed to see the search, the struggle, even those last few minutes leading up to bin Laden’s death, but I did.

After the countless times I’ve seen the footage of September 11th, with the planes, the buildings and the people who died, I needed to see with my own eyes the death of the man who made it all happen. “Zero Dark Thirty” puts all of us into that moment in the most honest way possible and that’s why I’m giving it an A+. It should be seen because it’s an excellent movie filled with flawless writing and acting, but also see “Zero Dark Thirty” because you just might need that closure too.


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