Strange New Laws Taking Effect This Year

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

New year, new laws. Among the new state laws taking effect are some really strange legislature that would make you scratch your head. Here’s a look at a few of the strangest new laws from around the country:

Cat ladies in Wellington, KS will have to give up some of their cats. A new law has placed a 4 cat per household limit.

Driver-less cars are now legal in California. For those technologically savvy folks on the West Coast with these new computer-driven cars, they are now road-legal, but there must always be a human in the passenger seat.

Kentucky’s department of redundancy department has asked that residents not release wild pigs… into the wild. If you catch a feral hog in Kentucky, either take them home or make’em bacon.

Bikers beware in Illinois. They aren’t too keen on motorcycle stunts. Popping a wheelie on a motorcycle is now outlawed.

While Illinois might have a few pool sharks and loan sharks, not sure they have many sharks of Jaws variety. Even so, the state has banned the trade and sale of shark fins.

Massachusetts is looking to be more green in 2013. They have outlawed plastic bottles.

Illinois is looking to do some good for the ladies. Patrons of strip clubs will now have to pay a $3 cover charge. The $3 will be donated to rape crisis charities. Illinois wants us to know that their strippers have hearts of gold.


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