Unexpected Places Where Germs Are Lurking

(Photo by FRANK PERRY/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by FRANK PERRY/AFP/Getty Images)

With the flu season hitting us hard and early, everyone has become a bit of a germ-phobe.  The average adult will come in contact with as many as 30 objects in a minute, and you would never expect where you would find scary amounts of germs and bacteria lurking. It’s enough to make you want to don a hazmat suit every time you leave your house.

Here are some of the items where you’ll find those germs lurking:

At Restaurants

Menus – They may be covered in plastic for easy wiping down, but have you ever actually seen a restaurant employee wipe down a menu. You could be the 100th person in a day to handle that menu. Be on the safe side and keep the menu away from your plate and silverware, and you should definitely wash your hands after ordering your food.

Condiment Dispensers – Another item you won’t often see wiped down are the tops of condiment dispensers. Put some hand sanitizer on the outside of the bottle or wipe it down before you pick it up.

Lemon Wedges – If you think about it, they sit out on the bar in the open air, so it’s no wonder that bar fruit could be covered in as many 25 microorganisms, including E. coli and bacteria often found in restrooms.

In The Restroom

Door Handles – Some people do not wash their hands properly to get all the germs off before they exit the restroom. If you can’t escape the restroom without having to touch the door, grab a spare paper towel to handle the door knob.

Soap Dispensers – You would think the soap dispenser would be clean because it’s got soap, but no, soap dispensers are rarely cleaned and be crawling with gross. To properly wash your hands, sing “Happy Birthday” while scrubbing your hands under hot water, and add some hand sanitizer afterwards.

Out and About

Grocery Carts – Think twice before grabbing that cart and heading straight to the fruit and veggies. Take a moment to wipe down the handle with disinfectant wipes before setting off to gather your veggies.

Gas Pump Handles – They are what could be considered the germiest place in America. 71% of gas pump handles are highly contaminated in germs. You can’t avoid them when you’ve gotta gas up your car, but you can clean up after by keeping some hand sanitizer or handy wipes in your car.

Airplane Bathrooms – It’s said that you are 100 times more likely to get sick on an airplane, but the biggest risk doesn’t come from what’s floating in the recycled air. Researchers tested the surfaces of faucets and doorknobs in airplane bathrooms and found E. coli.

Doctor’s Office – This is where everyone brings their germs especially when they are carrying. Minimize your exposure by bringing your own reading material and toys for the kids, pack your own hand sanitizer and tissues, and leave at least two chairs between you and other patients in the waiting room to keep their germs out of your air space.


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