Favorite Snacks That Are Gone Forever

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Hostess fans came out of the woodwork to buy up any last stockpiles of Twinkies, Ho-ho’s, and SnoBalls as the company closed its doors late last year. They certainly aren’t the first of our favorite snacks to bite the dust. Let’s take a look back at snack foods that will never come back.

Classic candy bar Butterfinger came out with a bite size snack called Butterfinger BBs. They were taken off the shelf in 2006.¬†Also given the axe in 2006, Planters Cheese Balls. Tony Zazza remembers that it just wasn’t movie night on the couch without a can of the puffy cheesy snack balls.

Another of Tony’s favorite snacks that were discontinued were Jello Pudding Pops. Even Bill Cosby has been trying to resurrect the beloved snack since their demise in the early 90s.

Crispy M&Ms were another short lived candy that came and went, but they caught the notice of David Rancken. The powers that be canned the Crispy M&Ms in 2005, which prompted David to stockpile his favorite candy.

In the soda category, there have been those that have come and gone as well. Crystal Pepsi, a clear-colored version of Pepsi, debuted in 1992 and was cut off a year later. Surge, Coca-Cola’s answer to Mountain Dew, kicked off in 1996 and lasted until 2003.

Coca-Cola also switched up it’s flavors in the last decade. Coke and Diet Coke with Lime was released in 2005 and quietly disappeared by 2006. It was replaced by Black Cherry Vanilla Coke and Diet Coke which also faded away by 2007.

Yahoo! Finance has a great list of more of your favorite cancelled snacks.


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