Twitter’s Dating Deal Breakers And Major Turn Offs

(Photo by RAJESH JANTILAL/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by RAJESH JANTILAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Every now and then, Twitter will have a trending hashtag with an interesting topic. Last week, #MajorTurnOffs had the Twitter-verse sharing their biggest dating deal breakers.

People listed behaviors and qualities that they found undesirable in a potential mate. Here a few of the best:

  • A man who isn’t gainfully employed.
  • Beautiful people who are ugly on the inside.
  • Getting drunk on the first date, especially if the other person isn’t drinking.
  • An inability to hold an intelligent conversation.
  • Those who constantly talk about their ex, especially to repeated speak badly of them.

  • People who are more interested in the lives of celebrities than in current events.
  • Those are desperate for love and seek it out in order to fill their lack of self-love.
  • Married men who flirt with other women, whether or not their wife is present.
  • Overly possessive females who can’t trust their men and can’t trust other females.
  • People who are overly negative or can never say anything good about anyone.

  • Those who make empty promises they never intend to fulfill.
  • People who cancel plans at the last minute.
  • Posting about relationship problems online rather than talking about them in person.
  • People who already have the wedding planned before the first date is over.
  • Guys wear sag their pants below their bottoms.


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