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CinemaCon 2012 - Day 1

Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images


“Snitch” stars Dwayne Johnson as a father who goes to extreme measures to reduce his son’s prison sentence. It was inspired by a Frontline report about federal drug laws and how those incarcerated can reduce their prison sentence by snitching on accomplices. This story takes that idea to the extreme, when a first-time offender chooses a 10-year-sentence for holding drugs instead of ratting out his friends. He won’t help himself so his father, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, steps in to bust bad-guys in his place.
This is when you’d expect The Rock to rip off his shirt and start beating up drug-dealers, but that’s not the case in “Snitch.” Johnson plays it desperate and scared and surprisingly NOT tough at all. He reminds me of Walter White from “Breaking Bad,” but not as mean, believe it or not. With the help of an ex-con, played by “Walking Dead’s” awesome Jon Bernthal, Johnson is introduced to drug lords and then cartel leaders, and his personal risks gets higher and higher.
Don’t see this one expecting an action movie. “Snitch” chooses instead to be a film about love and the risks we’ll take for those most important to us. This might be a real disappointment for fans of Dwayne Johnson, since he’s nothing like the tough-guy we’re used to seeing. It doesn’t always work, since his more sentimental scenes got chuckles from the audience. He’s no Daniel Day Lewis, but it’s refreshing to see Dwayne Johnson challenge his abilities and he’s one of the reasons I’m giving “Snitch” a B. Yeah, a B for The Rock. Believe me, I’m as shocked as you are.


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