Woman Bedazzles Her Court-Ordered Ankle Monitor

(Photo by KIM JAE-HWAN/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by KIM JAE-HWAN/AFP/Getty Images)

It isn’t easy looking good all the time, especially if you’ve been ordered to wear a clunky ankle-monitor because you got in a fight. A woman in the UK decided to apply her fashion sense to her new court-appointed accessory by bedazzling her ankle monitor with rhinestones.

22-year old Rebecca Gallanagh was convicted by in a British court for getting into a fight at a night club. Part of her punishment was a 9PM curfew strictly enforced by an ankle-monitor. Gallanagh, who is a fan of the British reality show Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, was inspired to decorate her ankle monitor after one of the ladies on the show did the same.

“I did it to make me feel better about wearing it,” Gallanagh says. “I was quite proud of it. I like to bling things up, and wear blingy clothes and watches. It just matched my style.”

The authorities were not pleased with her fashion sense. The manufacturer claims the act of bedazzling the ankle monitor may have compromised the integrity of the device, and the courts agreed. Gallanagh was fined $220 for blinging out her electronic ankle bracelet.


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