American Idol Wants Your Twitter Thoughts

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

American Idol wants the show to be interactive, when you are watching look for the hashtags on the show and start tweeting.

The singing competition is looking to integrate the large number of people who watch TV with their mobile devises or laptops at their fingertips. Starting with February 27th’s show, Idol will be using Twitter to gain instant feedback from their audience by incorporating hashtag polls during the live shows.

Idol and their social production partner FremantleMedia will update the polls almost instantly by using two unique differing hashtags to pull respondents from.

David Wertheimer, the president for digital for Fox Broadcasting is hoping the live aspect of the twitter votes will sway the millions who DVR the show to watch watch live. “Part of the objective is to say, ‘The best possible experience is when you watch it live,’ ” Wertheimer told the New York Times.

Adding the Twitter element is another way for the show that is looking to drop the median age of the shows viewers. This year Idol viewers are at a median age of 45, down from 49 last year, but the majority of Twitter users are well below the age of 50. Idol’s first season saw a median viewer age of 32 when Kelly Clarkson took home the crown.

The hope to the ‘Social TV’ aspect is to get people to engage in something they can tangibly see if they are right during the show. Something Idol really revolutionized with the allowing the public to pick their winner over 10 years ago.

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