5 Confessions Of A Bartender

(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Stella Artois)

(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Stella Artois)

We always hear about waiters and waitresses complaining about the way customers treat them or stiff them on tips, but we don’t really hear from the bartenders. They’re the people serving up the drinks that flavor our nights out. While restaurant wait staff gets us for a meal, a bartender might serve you and your friends for an entire Friday night.

One bartender steps up to confess a few things your bartender won’t tell you.

1. You will be judged by what you order. What you drink and how you order it will reveal a lot about you. Certain drinks have a season or at least an appropriate hour in which to drink them. Know your drinks. If you order a “very dry martini with no vermouth,” the bartender might laugh at you because dry means no vermouth.

2. Don’t ask the bartender to create an original liquid masterpiece just for you. If you don’t have a usual drink that you order, look at the menu and pick something. Bartenders don’t keep a secret bottle of awesome sauce behind the bar just for someone who wants something “fun.”

3. Don’t ask for a Free Drink. Bartenders don’t usually bestow a free round of drink upon anyone, but when they do, it’s for loyal patrons who are a welcome presence in the bar. Bar tabs aren’t like frequent flyer miles, so you shouldn’t expect a reward for spending a certain amount.

4. Just like the restaurant wait staff, any tips less than 20% aren’t acceptable.┬áLike wait staff at a restaurant, bartenders make most of their money off tips. Their paychecks only cover taxes, so they rely on tips to pay the rest of their bills. If your bar tab is over $120, leaving a $20 tip is closer to an insult than a show of gratitude for good service.

5. A favorite bartender is more important to a loyal patron than an intern. Bartenders build symbiotic relationships with their regulars. They take care of each other; one through drinks, the other through generous tips. Don’t use the good name of a regular at a bar and expect to get away with disrespecting their favorite bartender.

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