The Strangest Dating Websites Ever

There are some strange dating websites out there, and then there are some STRANGE dating websites. It’s bad enough having to admit defeat in the bar scene and sign up for eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, or, but these websites take the taco for being downright weird and wacky!

Here are some of the stranger dating sites out there:

Farmers Only – If you’re feeling lonely while wandering through your corn fields, there is a dating website for farmers, farm hands, and dairy maids.

Zombie Harmony – Are you undead and looking for someone with brains… or a pulse? Find a friend to shuffle through eternity with… or maybe some brains to snack on.

Sea Captain Date – Ahoy! If you’re a captain looking for a first mate or a landlubbing lady looking for someone to sail off into the sunset with, set sail for this port of call.

Mullet Passions – Business in the front, party in the back. If you can’t resist a Kentucky Waterfall or Hockey Hair, then let your hair down with other mullet lovers.

Vampire Passions – If you’re Team Edward or a huge True Blood fan, find your undead romance, coffin cuddle buddy, or a sanguine snack.

Trek Passions – Looking for love between Star Trek conventions? Find your very own Vulcan or a Klingon to cling to with this website.

The Ugly Bug Ball – Sure we all want that handsome fella or that gorgeous swim suit model, but the average looking Joe and Jill ¬†might get a little left out. Now they have their very own website to find love where looks don’t matter.

Cupidtino – Can’t stand the thought of dating someone who doesn’t have an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod, or a Mac? Finding love in the Apple Store can be distracting with all those fun gadgets, but you can use this website to find your very own Steve Jobs.

Amish Online Dating – This one is a bit puzzling because Amish are generally not fans of modern technology. However, if there are indeed Amish looking for love on the interwebs during¬†Rumspringa, then here’s your chance to leave the modern world behind.


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