Things Your Barista Won’t Tell You

(Photo by STAN HONDA/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo by STAN HONDA/AFP/GettyImages)

We live and die by our coffee in the morning. The barista serving up our life blood… ahem, cup of joe… is an important factor in getting our day started off right… or grande white chocolate mocha with whipped cream. Many of us have probably never even thought about what the barista thinks while they are steaming our milk and perfecting the art of the perfect espresso pull.

If the sign out front doesn’t say Starbucks, don’t order like you’re at one. Coffee shops are not one size fits all. Your “usual” at Starbucks may not translate or be available at the quaint coffee shop around the corner. Read the menu before you order so you can make sure the barista will get your drink right.

The bigger the cup… the same amount of coffee. You may look pretty hardcore walking out of Starbucks with that venti cup, but it’ll still have only 2 shots of espresso. All that extra liquid is really just milk.

Trust that Barista heard you the first time. If you said decaf, have faith that the barista will give you decaf.

Barista School. Yes, just like your favorite bartender, the barista also had to go to school to learn how to make all those awesome drinks. You can’t just get hired off the street and turn milk into foamy magic.

Downing large 4-shot lattes every day is very bad for you. In other words, how do you like your heart attack, with or without extra foam?

Latte Art is more than just pretty. That pretty foam flower can tell you the consistency of the foam and how well the espresso shot was pulled.

A Barista’s favorite things: “Please,” “Thank you,” and tips. The courtesy your momma taught you and a dollar bill in the tip jar are the currencies of goodwill. Love your barista and they will take care of you.

Check out more true confessions of a barista over at Reader’s Digest.


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