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The Host

“The Host” stars Saoirse Ronan as a woman who tries to maintain control when her body is taken over by an alien parasite.
It is based on the popular novel by Stephanie Meyer, who is infamous for writing the Twilight saga. Meyer stepped away from Young Adult fiction for “The Host” though, in an attempt to woo older fans. The book itself is wildly interesting, about a girl who loses control of her body to an alien parasite, but is still conscious enough to communicate WITH that alien. The revealing internal conversation between the two proves to be IMPOSSIBLE to translate onscreen though.
In fact, it’s kind of ridiculous, hearing this sarcastic inner voice. There’s also a love triangle of sorts that develops when the alien and the host body both love different men. What reads as romantic in the book just comes across as stupid and frankly, a little trampy onscreen.

While most of the actors are young & new to the scene, you’ll recognize some faces, like William Hurt and Diane Kruger. Sadly, they don’t elevate the movie in any way and Diane Kruger didn’t seem to show up until it was almost over.


There are some brief shining moments when you see how compelling this movie could’ve been. I really enjoyed seeing the aliens in their natural form and there’s an intriguing twist at the end that hints at a sequel. Despite this I’m giving “The Host” a D.

I wish I could say, “Fans of the book will enjoy it,” but honestly, I think they’ll hate it even more!


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