VIDEO: Man Breaks Egg Record With Head

That’s using your head! Scott Damerow, a Georgia Tech freshman from Corpus Christi, Tex., recently broke the Guinness World Record for most eggs broken with the head in one minute on truTV’s “Guinness World Records Gone Wild.”

The previous record was 130 eggs in one minute. Scott worked his way down a long table of eggs, tapping each one with his forehead. The former soccer player was used to using his head against soccer balls, so one would think his hard head would be perfect for smashing his way into the record books.

“My head felt pretty numb after that,” Damerow said afterwords, according to Huffington Post. “I didn’t even realize I got cut by an egg shell because I had so much adrenaline.”

We think it’s time we challenged Producer John to another record. Have a listen!


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