10 Signs You Are Living Like A College Student

(Photo by JAAFAR ASHTIYEH/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by JAAFAR ASHTIYEH/AFP/Getty Images)

You’ve finished with college and have a nice piece of parchment on your wall as a trophy for graduating, however, you still stock up on ramen like it’s going out of style. Could you be an adult still living like a college student? We recently found a list on Buzzfeed of things you’ll never do after college, that is, unless you’re not still living as if you are in college.

1. Wearing sweatpants. It was questionable to wear them to class in college, and it still might be questionable if you’re employed as a fitness instructor.

2. Going to the gym whenever you want. Unless your office has a fitness center in the building, most of us find it difficult to squeeze in a jog on the treadmill during work hours. If you can get a good workout at the gym after 1AM, we have to wonder, when do you sleep?

3. Pull an all-nighter. With age comes a greater appreciation for sleep and the need for it. The older you get the harder it is to keep your eyelids from slamming shut after 11PM. Once you have kids, forget about it. You’ll be praying for them to sleep.

4. Spring/Summer/Fall Break. When you leave college, gone are those built-in vacation periods in the middle and between semesters. A week here and 2 months there are generous on a European scale of vacation time, and working in Europe is the only way you’re going to see anything over 2 weeks of paid vacation time from your employer.

5. Taking a nap during the day. Working so early in the morning, we can get away with a mid-afternoon nap. However, you are a master if you can still sneak in a nap during your 9 to 5 job.

We chatted about how we still get away with doing a few things we did in college this morning. Listen here!

6. Watching daytime TV. Unless you’re got a DVR to record Judge Judy and Maury, no one who works during the day gets to see these gems of television programming after college.

7. Receiving care packages from mom. After college, it’s generally assumed that you can find a full-time job that will put a roof over your head and “healthy” meals on your table. You’ve got bigger problems if you’re still getting regular shipments of mom’s special cookies along with non-perishable groceries.

8. Get student discounts. You’re very lucky if you can still get away with using your student ID to get discounts.

9. Living close to your friends. It seems like after college, all of your friends drift to the outer reaches of town (also known as the suburbs). It gets difficult to spontaneously hang out like you used to, especially once spouses and children join the mix.

10. Make regular late-night fast food trips. The 4th meal was great in college when you needed to study or soak up the drinks you imbibed at a party, but after college, that late night food just pushes back your bedtime and sometimes wakes you up with a need for half a bottle of TUMS.

Go to Buzzfeed to see more college shenanigans.


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