6 Of The Weirdest Beauty Treatments Ever

(Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

(Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

Oh, the lengths we go to to stay young and beautiful forever. In this day and age, we are just not satisfied with run-of-the-mill wrinkle creams, serums, and masks. If you’ve got the money, the sky is the limit for the latest and strangest beauty treatments no average sane person would go near on a good day.

Cosmo recently shared the weirdest and most terrifying beauty treatments that people actually pay money for.

Sheep Placenta Facial – It sounds grosser that it really is, but still the name gives you pause. It’s a serum made from a lamb’s afterbirth, and they rub it across your face to reverse the signs of aging. Apparently Victoria Beckham swears by it. Ew.

Fire Facial – The perfect skin treatment for pyromaniacs. This one comes from China and involves the esthetician laying an alcohol-soaked towel on your face and lighting it up. Of course, they pull it off right before you go up in flames yourself. It’s purported to help battle colds, fire up weight loss, and revitalize tired-looking skin.

Bird Poo Facial – Who knew the bombs birds drop on your car had an affect on skin? Japanese geishas were famous for using the powdered droppings of nightingales to take off their heavy makeup, but now salons are offering a similar treatment with UV-sanitized bird poo. Poo is poo and still ew.

Vampire Facelift – Kim Kardashian actually scared the world when she tweeted a picture of her face right after receiving this facial treatment. Sadly, no actual vampires are involved, but they do draw your blood and inject it back into your face. It’s supposed to kick start collagen and elastin production for that youthful glow.

Kitty Litter Face Mask – A beauty blogger actually posted a video of herself putting on a mask made out of kitty litter, and whether it was real or not, the idea is still kinda whacko. As it turns out, kitty litter can actually be toxic, so don’t even think about this one.

Beer Facial – Take away the need for beer-goggles by mixing some lager with honey, avocado, and vinegar to make a mask. Beer has anti-inflammatory properties that actually help boost cell regeneration and heal dry skin. Or maybe just drink the beer and put the other stuff on your face.

Listen to what we had to say about these weird beauty treatments this morning:


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