Julie’s Jabber: Distracted Mom

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There’s a meme circling the internet right now that’s been bugging me. It’s an essay directed to a Mom on her phone and it starts like this:

Dear Mom On the iPhone,

I see you over there on the bench, messing on your iPhone. It feels good to relax a little while your kids have fun in the sunshine, doesn’t it?

But Mom, let me tell you what you don’t see right now…..

Your little girl is spinning round and round, making her dress twirl. She is such a little beauty queen already, the sun shining behind her long hair. She keeps glancing your way to see if you are watching her.

You aren’t.

It goes on to describe all the beautiful things the Mommy is missing because she isn’t looking at the moment. She’s looking at her phone.

I might be taking this personally since I am admittedly addicted to my phone & I spend way too much time on Facebook. Look, it’s not my fault that George Takei is constantly posting the FUNNIEST stuff.

Honestly though, it simply isn’t fair to expect parents to be reverential about parenting at all times. IT’S TOO EXHAUSTING! That same woman in the park with her kids might be easy to judge, but she probably heard the word MOMMY a hundred times before the rest of us even got in the shower. She has already spent hours on end watching her children do lots of awe-inspiring things, like eat crayons and spill their milk…again.

I’m sure that, LIKE EVERY PARENT, she has moments of overwhelming love for her children that makes her heart feel like it’s going to explode. Just because she isn’t showing it to YOU, person who wrote this, doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel it. So enough with the Mommy Guilt. If the woman wants to take a 2-minute break from staring at her children, just to read a meme about what a terrible parent she is, let her have it.

In fact, who are YOU, person who wrote this meme? Why are YOU lurking around the playground watching this woman and her kids? It’s a little creepy, isn’t it? Maybe we should talk about YOU for a minute!


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