Bad Habits That Drive Your Coworkers Crazy

Nobody wants to be “that guy” or “that girl,” but more often than not, we might be doing something that annoys our coworkers. Take a look at some of the things says annoy your coworkers the most.

Noisy Neighbor – Volume complaints include a wide range of offenses. There are loud talkers, noisy snack bags, whistlers, hummers, and cubicle karaoke stars. While people with offices might be able to shut the door on your cacophony of cubicle noise, everyone else around you is exposed to the excessive noise. Invest in some headphones, a tupperware bowl for your snacks, and try to keep your conversations to library-level whispering. Your coworkers will thank you.

Conference Call Chaos – Along with the volume of noise created just within a workspace, putting your phone on speaker while on a conference call can expose everyone on the call to not just your noise, but the noise of everyone in your office. Get a headset, and don’t go cheap. You’ll want a good headset that can filter out the ambient noise that could come through the microphone.

Smelly Sam– If you are a fan of fishy or garlic-laden foods, loads of perfume, or have a tendency to “crop dust” the office, there’s a conversation happening in hushed-tones with your name on it. If your coworkers are reaching for a gas mask when you walk by, you might need to reexamine the aromas you bring to work. Save the smelly lunches for dinner, get some Bean-O, and one spritz of the perfume or cologne in the morning is enough.

Chatty Cathy – A little small talk here and there isn’t bad, but if it continues throughout the day, it could have an effect on your productivity and that of those around you. Pay attention to the body language of the people you’re talking to, when their eyes leave yours to look at their computer screen or to glance at their watch, they are looking for an out. Save the convo for lunch or a coffee break when there’s free time to chat.

Gross-Out Gus – Your office is not your home. If there is something you’re comfortable doing at home, such as clipping your toe nails or picking your nose, that stuff should stay at home. Sharing common workspaces with someone who is touching their feet or not covering up their sneezes is adding to the germs that spread illness around the office.

Touchy Thomas – Not everyone appreciates friendly affection in the office. Some people get massively uncomfortable when pulled in for a long hug in the office. Even if your coworkers are your friends, many prefer to maintain a professional demeanor in the office that may stop at hand shakes and pats on the back.

[Personal] Space Invaders – Along side with the invasion of the personal bubble are the people who seem to not mind helping themselves to your cubicle when you’re not there. Office supplies in a coworker’s cubicle are not community property. As with borrowing a neighbor’s lawnmower at home, it’s always better to ask your coworker before marching right in and swiping that sweet red Swingline staple.


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