Duncanville High School Student Rant Goes Viral

To some, Jeff Bliss, a sophomore at Duncanville High School is a hero. He was disappointed in his teacher’s lack of enthusiasm for teaching, so he stood up and said something. The student’s eloquently-expressed rant was taped by another student and quickly put up on Youtube where it instantly went viral. How viral? Try over 1 million views in 2 days.

Bliss’ complaint was that the teacher wasn’t teaching, only passing out packets for the students to read. Bliss asserts that some students can not learn that way. The teacher sits behind her desk and simply tells Bliss to leave the room.

Opinions are split down the middle. Some side with Bliss, saying he was justified to ask for the education he feels he deserves. Others side with the teacher, calling the rant disrespectful of the teacher’s authority in the classroom.

We talked about Bliss’ statement and how we feel about what it says about the state of our education system.

Our phones lit up with many listeners wanting to voice their opinion.


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