Woman Confesses Egg Prank To Mom

(Photo Illustration by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

(Photo Illustration by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

It’s time to come clean about that secret you’ve kept from your mom for years. This morning, Toni dropped the bomb on her mom Betty about a prank she pulled with friends.

Toni says that when she was 12, she wanted to go to a sleepover at a friend’s house. Her mother didn’t like this friend named Debbie and, at first, refused to let Toni go, but she eventually relented. Part of the sleepover involved a scavenger hunt with two groups and the group that Debbie was in asked for eggs. The group then took the eggs and threw them at a house with a big bay window. The girls scattered when the man who lived in the house came out and gave chase. One girl had a broken foot in a boot and was caught by the man. He tried to force her to give up all names of the girls involved so that he could report them all to the police. Toni felt bad for the girl and went back and helped write down all the names. When they got back to Debbie’s house and told her mom who piled all 6 girls into her VW Beetle to drive back to the man’s house. The mom convinced the man not to call the police and had the girls clean up the mess. She also promised that she would also inform all the parents to make sure the girls were punished. Of course, Toni’s mom never found out, that is, until today.

Listen to Toni confess about the egging prank to her mom Betty this morning.


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