Woman Claims To Be “Too Pretty” To Work

(Photo by David Turnley/Getty Images)

(Photo by David Turnley/Getty Images)

A 33-year-old British woman has quit her job and is being taken care of by her parents after claiming she can no longer work because she is too pretty.

Laura Fernee quit her job in 2011 and has been under the care of her parents, who pay her $2000 a month rent her credit cards and any other expenses because she just couldn’t handle work anymore.  Fernee told the Mirror that even though she had a PhD and worked as a medical researcher all her co-workers saw was a pretty face and nice body.

“I spent many years at university in London and Bristol studying for a degree, a post-graduate degree and a doctorate, so only began working in 2008, doing medical research.

“But male colleagues were only interested in me for how I looked.

“I wanted them to recognise my achievements and my professionalism but all they saw was my face and body.

“I was constantly asked out on dates, or found romantic gifts and notes at my desk. I found it sleazy and uncomfortable.

“Even when I was in a laboratory in scrubs with no make-up they still came on to me because of my natural attractiveness.

“There was nothing I could do to stop it.”


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