Julie’s Jabber: The Power of Prayer

(No, I’m Not About To Get Preachy On You)


It’s been a tough week…month…OK let’s be honest. Things have been sucking for a while now. Every time I turn around we’re talking on the air about something awful. It feels like we’ve been interviewing Anita Foster from the Red Cross about some tragedy on a weekly basis because…well, WE HAVE.

When you’re juggling this many tragedies and natural disasters, it’s hard to keep your perspective. In fact, my nervous eye-twitch has returned (no, I’m not winking at you. Or am I?). It’s especially tough when you’re a Radio Morning Show Personality because you have to find that fine-line between fact sharing and levity. You don’t want to wear out everyone who is listening by telling sad stories, but you also don’t want to be insensitive.

So what do you do?

Seriously, someone tell me what to do because I’m still not sure!

The tornado that hit Oklahoma has been our most recent topic and it’s just more proof of how tiny and incapable we are. The people who died were probably doing EXACTLY what they were supposed to do during a tornado, but there’s no escape from something that big.

No escape. I’m a control freak so those are two of probably the most terrifying words in the world to me. So how do I handle this?

Well, I pray. I pray all the time. I pray so much that God probably gets ticked off when I ring Him up.

“You again? I’ve got wars & famine but you’re bugging me about your kid’s persistent cough again? REALLY?”

In my head, God sounds like Sarah Silverman but He swears just slightly less.

I pray all the time and I think everyone should, even IF they are not church-going-God-believers. That’s right. I think you should pray even IF you don’t believe in God because it HELPS.

I PERSONALLY think it helps because prayer connects us all on a cosmic level, but I’m an aging hippy and think all kinds of crazy stuff. Seriously, we’ll fire up the hookah sometime and I’ll tell you all about it.

But at the very least, prayer is the simplest form of therapy there is. It forces you to assemble and then vocalize the things that are bothering you. You straighten out that jumble of sad-scared-hopelessness inside your head, spit it out and then, even better, you get to ask for change.

How great is that? You didn’t even have to pay for a therapist or lay down on that gross sofa, which is never as comfortable as it looks.

So, don’t be afraid to pray. Give it a shot tonight and you’ll see how much better you feel. And if that doesn’t work we’ll fire up that hookah and see it IT helps.


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