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The Hangover Part III & Epic

THE HANGOVER PART III  There are a couple of new movies out this weekend so first lets discuss “The Hangover: Part 3,” where the wolf pack once again runs amuck in Vegas.THE HANGOVER PART III

It appears that Director Todd Phillips used up all of his gags in the first 2 movies because there is virtually NO fresh comedy this time around. In fact, most of the humor results from inside jokes about the characters. Phillips must have also resented complaints about Part 2 being formulaic because they’ve dumped the familiar format. It’s also missing stock gags like Ed Helms’ made-up songs and surprise appearances by Mike Tyson. I appreciate the attempt to be original but “The Hangover: Part 3” just isn’t funny so I have to give it a C-.

EPIC_Online_Character_Banner_Nim_w2-0_rgbAlso out is the animated feature “Epic,” based on the children’s book from William Joyce.

BlueSky Studios and 20th Century Fox Presents The Premiere of "EPIC"

I was disappointed in “Epic” at first, because it reminded me of one of those Tinkerbell movies I have to watch with my kids. Tiny people, living in the woods, keeping its spirit alive or WHATEVER but “Epic” takes a somber turn and becomes a movie about encroaching darkness and the battle to stop it. These are not new themes, but “Epic” manages to keep the story crisp with unexpected twists and turns. It’s also elevated by some surprising voice-talents. Beyonce, Steven Tyler, Aziz Ansari all give inspired performances but Christoph Waltz almost steals the whole show. I was completely surprised by how much I enjoyed “Epic” and I have to give an A-. It might be a familiar story, but you and especially YOUR younger KIDS won’t mind hearing it again.


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