Neighbors Who Drive Us Crazy

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Justin Bieber’s antics through his neighborhood has sparked a backlash amongst his neighbors. TMZ reports that the residents in the wealthy gated community are withholding their $1,000/month dues until the HOA takes action against Bieber.

This made us think about the people in our neighbor that we’d like to vote out of the neighborhood “Survival” style. Everyone has at least one neighbor that is either a nuisance, creepy, or so generally unpleasant that you cringe every time you pass their house.

Every Halloween Tony goes all out with the decorations in his yard. When some new neighbors moves in down the street and asked that he not decorate his house, that ruffled his feathers. He could overhear the mother saying “let’s not go to the evil house” and instead trick-or-treated elsewhere. This neighbor even had the audacity to come seeking candy the one Halloween he didn’t decorate and thanked him for refraining from putting his evil decorations up all over his front yard. To which Tony says, “Oh,it’s on, lady!”

John does necessarily have a problem with his neighbors across the street, it’s their 30-year-old son that lives with them. Any time, day or night, the son is outside working his 1970s Ford Bronco II. Even this morning, as John was leaving home at 4AM to come to work, there he was tinkering under the hood. If the tinkering wasn’t enough, the wannabe-mechanic twice a day with start it up and tear up the street.

Down the street from Julie is an elderly couple. The husband is the sweetest little old man ever, but the wife is the orneriest old lady with the biggest aversion to kids imaginable. She doesn’t hold back on her hatred of children, and no ears are safe from her profanity-laced tirades when a child comes within her sight. This lady might scare even the scariest of Disney villians. Woe to the poor new family who comes to neighborhood events and gets more than an earful from this woman about how much she hates kids.


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