She Mail: Proper Punishment For Bad Grades

She MailCan’t believe this. We actually got a SheMail from a dude! Guess we have to call it a HEmail this morning. Here is his question:

Dear Julie,
My 13-year-old daughter just got her report card before Summer Break. It was pretty good. All A’s and a B-, but this is her first “B” ever. I think it’s pretty good. I mean, I never got grades that good but my wife is really upset about the B-. In fact, she took away our daughter’s cell phone and laptop for a month! I think the punishment is way too harsh but my wife insists that we need to take this seriously.
Hope you’re on my side with this one because I really need some back-up!
The Dad who wrote to Shemail

Sorry Dad, but the room but split with this one. Tony & John both felt that your daughter’s grades were excellent and that she shouldn’t be punished. They both thought that a stern “talking-to” would do the trick, but I disagree. I think that our children respond to our expectations and if we tell them something less than straight A’s is acceptable, they will bring home something other than straight A’s. Your wife really piled on the punishment, so she probably knows that your daughter could’ve gotten a much better grade. I think that a month without the phone and laptop is a little extreme, but your daughter will certainly get the message!

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